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Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Web Designer?

A simple search will give you numerous results for best web design company India. All of them promising impressive and effective website designs that will that will drive traffic and generate leads. But you need to be very wise in choosing the best web design company otherwise it will be a disastrous waste of money and time.

Your website is of immense importance as your prospects take the decision of working with you or buying from you after going through your website. Below are a set of questions that will not only help you evaluate your potential web designers but also help you better understand what would be best for your business website.

Their Research Process

In order to effectively strategize, design, and market your business, good branding and website design needs analysis from your business and industry.

Work with a designer who knows the ideal customer. The life of your organisation is about your clients, prospects, and associates. About them, develop your marketing plan.

What Else do They have to Offer

If your web designer has graphic design, typography, search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing expertise, they would be able to develop a lead-generating, high-performing website.

Web designers sometimes provide additional services that you may need, such as logo design, copywriting, illustration and graphics for social media.

Their Website Development Package Price and your Budget

Before beginning any project, it's always good to clearly communicate your budget. On their websites, some businesses mention bundled pricing and some require a personalised quote that covers all services.

Ask your web designer what choices they have and take them into account against your budget. Usually, extra costs include web hosting, domain registration, plugins and stock photos.

Indian Website Company in favor of being upfront about what we offer and like being transparent about our website development cost India.

Their Design Process

If they do, it's a good indication that they have solid experience and can guide you from start to finish like a pro through the entire web design and development process.

Find a designer/project manager who by your scheduled date will hold you on track, on budget, and launch you!

Their Portfolio

On their website, several design businesses exhibit their work. Make sure that you take a look at the work of your clients and take note of the design styles and user experience. Some businesses just have a few featured projects on their website, so just ask them if you want to see more of their work!

Ask yourself the following questions when looking at their portfolio: Is their work modern? Are the mobile websites they've created responsive? Does it fit what you are searching for on your website? Will the customer have good previous customer testimonials?

Their Content Management System

If you are getting a website coded from scratch, the content management system (CMS) is what is used to build and organise content on your website. Especially if you are adding content and maintaining your own website after launch, it is important to know what CMS your designer is using to build your website. Is growth and e-commerce sponsored by your CMS? Can you build alerts for yourself? Do you have all the functionality that your organisation requires and will need in the future? At indianwebsitecompany we build websites on Wordpress and have our own robust CMS for customized designs.

Do They Provide Custom Built Websites or Use Templates

Web designers have sample websites, complete websites with custom coding, and a mix in between. Is your website made and coded from scratch really custom? Or is it a website constructed on a CMS and adapted from an existing theme/template?

Since not all CMS platforms are identical, it is important to know how your site will be built. Do you have a particular design or technical feature that you need? Be sure to ask what can and can not be said about features and limitations.

Do They Build Responsive Websites?

The Mobile Index from Google makes it unnegotiable to have a mobile-friendly interface. Sensitive web design is a website that responds to a desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone with one HTML code on the same URL (RWD). Basically, the configuration of the website varies depending on the screen size of the computer it is shown on.

Do They Follow Ethical SEO Practices or not?

From the beginning of your site creation, search engine optimization should be included. SEO techniques such as image optimization, alt tagging, mobile-friendliness, and keyword studies help Google rank the site higher.

Ask if from the beginning of the project your web designer builds in SEO to ensure that your website is designed with the framework you need to be found online.

Their Marketing Strategies

One of the most relevant digital marketing sales resources should be your website. How can the website turn visits to the website into leads and create more sales? What techniques are you going to utilise? If you're just getting started with your marketing strategy, here's a detailed online marketing introduction.

Number of Pages on your Website

Most websites provide a 5-page base for small service companies:

  • Homepage

  • About

  • Services

  • Blog

  • Contact us

The kind of website and content that you have will help you find out how many pages you need and what they need. If e-commerce or a blog is your website, it will be built as such. If a custom 404 page, terms and conditions, privacy policy, cookie policy, and some other landing page, ask your web designer if these are included in the website development package price.

Their Ecommerce Development Services India

The architecture of an e-commerce website varies from the company website of a brochure service. If your CMS supports online stores and accepts online payments, ask your web designer.

If you are not ready to add items or build a website, you just want to make sure that when you are ready, you will be able to add an online store to your current site.

How Many Times Will They Welcome Changes?

Establish checkpoints so that you can review and approve the work in the project. What happens if your site comes back with the first draught version and you don't love it? Request modifications by providing positive feedback to your designer.

Designers usually deliver 2-3 revision rounds. If you need more than that, once they are finished, you can pay an hourly rate based on changes.

Do They Guarantee a Secure Website?

Keeping a website properly involves keeping it clear of bugs and hackers, upgrading the software and plugins of your site, getting regular backups, and an SSL certificate to ensure continued efficiency. Ask your website what your website will build with the CMS platform, as this will decide how many security steps you need to take.

Training and Support after the Website Goes Live

If you are someone who likes to make improvements and updates on your own, ensure that your web designer uses a user-friendly and easy-to-use web interface so that you can own and operate your website yourself. Ask your web designer about lessons for website preparation. For consumers, some designers offer 1:1 preparation, community workshops, and personalised video tutorials.

Or if you want to submit edits and updates simply and not do it yourself, ask your web designer if they have long-term support with a post-launch support/maintenance kit.

Ownership Rights

You own the content you post, similar to social media sites, but you don't own the site or prototype you use. Make sure you have your name registered with your domain name and web hosting. Find out if your company is expected to lock in a continuing post-launch contract or if, after launch, the designer expects to produce the completed site.

Web designers also build graphics for your website (ie: logo). Just to be sure, you'll want to own these files and have a copy of them saved.

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