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A static website is a simple, fixed online presence with unchanging content. It's quick to load and easy to maintain, making it ideal for basic informational sites like portfolios, brochures, or personal blogs. Static website design is the process of developing web pages whose content and structure do not change and which cannot be edited by the user.While it lacks dynamic features, it offers reliability and cost-effectiveness for static content presentation.

Reasons to choose a static website for your business

Here are some important reasons why choosing a static website could be beneficial for your business:
  • Speed

    Static websites load faster because we do not require server-side processing and instead deliver pre-built HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files straight to the user's browser. Slow-loading websites often lose visitors, thus this can improve user experience and retention rates considerably.

  • Cost-effectiveness

    In general, developing and hosting static websites is less expensive than dynamic ones. You can save on hosting fees and development expenditures because we do not require database management or server-side processing.

  • Security

    Static websites are inherently more secure because we have a smaller attack surface. There are fewer vulnerabilities for attackers to use when server-side scripting and databases are absent, which lowers the possibility of hacking and data breaches.

  • Version Control

    Static websites are well-suited for version control systems like Git, enabling developers to track changes, collaborate efficiently, and roll back to previous versions if necessary. This ensures better code management and project organization.

  • Reliability

    Static websites are more dependable and experience less downtime since we lack server-side components that can fail. Businesses that depend on their internet presence to draw in and keep clients must be able to depend on this consistency.

  • Scalability

    Static websites can handle high volumes of traffic more efficiently than dynamic ones because we don't require server-side processing for each request. This makes them suitable for businesses expecting rapid growth or sudden spikes in traffic.

  • Simplicity

    Static websites are easier to build, deploy, and maintain, especially for those with limited technical expertise. We involve straightforward HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files, making updates and modifications quick and hassle-free.

  • SEO Benefits

    Static websites can offer excellent SEO performance due to their fast loading times and clean code structure. Search engines like Google prioritize websites that provide a seamless user experience, which static websites excel at.

Cost of Static Website Design in India

Discover affordable and efficient static website packages in India with IWC. Our static website design packages cater to a diverse range of needs,
providing businesses and individuals with a solid online presence. Benefit from clean and professional website layouts, reliable hosting,
and streamlined design processes. Elevate your digital identity with IWC's static website design solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements
of the Indian market. Explore our website design plans today for a reliable and cost-effective way to establish your online footprint.

Packages Basic CorporateCreativeExtra Creative
Home Page
Number of Pages571520
Design QualityBasicBusinessCreativeExtra Creative
Navigation system
DomainDomain (.in)Domain (.in )Domain (.com)Domain (.com/.in/.net/.org)
Web space (Free for 1 year)100MB300MB500MB700MB
Number of Email Id1125
Inquiry Page1111
Mobile Tablet friendly
Social media link integration
Google Map integration
Live chat integration
Whatsapp integration
Extra PagesRs.500 for Each pageRs.500 for Each pageRs.500 for Each pageRs.500 for Each page
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Frequently Asked Questions

A static website contains web pages with fixed content, coded in HTML and CSS. It doesn't require server-side processing or a database to function.
Common technologies include HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Static site generators like Jekyll or Hugo are also popular.
Yes, static websites are responsive and work well on various devices, including mobile phones and tablets.
The timeline varies depending on complexity, but static websites can typically be created faster than dynamic ones. Basic sites might take a few days, while more complex projects may take weeks.
Small businesses, portfolios, blogs, and informational websites benefit most from static sites.
Costs vary but can range from INR 5,000 to 15,000 for a basic one-page static website in India.
A 5-page static website in India can cost between INR 15,000 to 50,000, depending on features and complexity.
Factors include complexity, design requirements, custom features, and additional services like SEO optimization or content creation.
It depends on your needs. Static websites offer simplicity, speed, and security, while dynamic sites provide more functionality and interactivity.
Indian companies often offer cost-effective solutions without compromising quality. Additionally, we understand local market dynamics and can provide personalized service.
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