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Business — API

An API based solution to transcribe your any audio or video file

Our cutting-edge Audio Transcription AI API is designed to convert spoken language into written text with remarkable accuracy. We support multiple languages, It empowers businesses, content creators, and professionals to effortlessly transcribe across a wide range of industries.

  • Fast Processing
  • Multiple Task simultaneously
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Developer friendly
  • Multiple file format support
  • Cost Effective
Open Source — Business

An open source model to extract complex table data from PDF / Images

Our HuggingFace account is quite trending with great models and table extraction is no exception with 4K+ downloads, loved by developers community. It helps many segments of the business to perform table extraction like Finance, Copywriting, Stock Analysis and many more industries.

  • Fast Processing
  • Run on CPU
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Developer friendly
  • Open source model available
  • Trained on Yolo V8
Open Source

Mastering Stocks Pattern: Your Path to Predictive Excellence

The YOLOv8s Stock Market Pattern Detection model offers a transformative solution for traders and investors by enabling real-time detection of crucial chart patterns within live trading video data. As stock markets evolve rapidly,this model's capabilities empower users with timely insights, allowing them to make informed decisions with speed and accuracy.

The model seamlessly integrates into live trading systems, providing instant pattern detection and classification. By leveraging advanced bounding box techniques and pattern-specific feature extraction, the model excels in identifying patterns such as 'Head and shoulders bottom,' 'Head and shoulders top,' 'M_Head,' 'StockLine,' 'Triangle,' and 'W_Bottom.' This enables traders to optimize their strategies, automate trading decisions, and respond to market trends in real-time.


With our State of Art model on 40+ crops we are able to detect 150+ diseases on different crops

Our Crop Leaf Disease Detection model, powered by advanced machine learning algorithms , identifies plant diseases from leaf images. This AI innovation enables farmers and agriculture experts to swiftly diagnose and manage crop health, enhancing yields and contributing to sustainable farming practices, which is easy to integrate in your Mobile app or Web platforms with our seamless developer friendly API. Or you can purchase our model with minimal amount to integrate on your own.

  • 40+ crops included
  • Fast Processing
  • Suggestions to cure the disease
  • Run on 4GB VRAM
  • Scientific details of the crop
  • Developer friendly
Under Research

Intelligent chatbot to help you do most of the regular task with voice command

introducing Co-Worker, your intelligent chatbot designed to simplify your dailyroutine. With the power of voice command, Co-Worker is your virtual assistant, ready to execute a wide array of regular tasks effortlessly. Whether it's scheduling appointments, sending emails, setting reminders, or answering queries, Co-Worker streamlines your work and personal life. Its intuitive, AI- driven interface adapts to your preferences, learning and improving with every interaction. Say goodbye to the mundane and reclaim precious time, as Co- Worker becomes your go-to ally for productivity, allowing you to focus on what truly matters. And it do right In front of your eyes like automation of system.

  • Runs of Mac & Ubuntu Systems
  • Fast Processing
  • Run on 4GB VRAM
  • Task automation
  • OpenAI Integration
  • Self decision making
Open Source

Now finding way for your self driving car to Camera Moment detection is easy

Our Intelligent Thermal Image Classification model is a cutting-edge solution harnessing the power of AI to interpret thermal images with unprecedented accuracy. It's designed to recognize patterns and anomalies in thermal data, offering crucial insights across various applications, from industrial equipment maintenance to medical diagnostics. By rapidly and precisely classifying thermal images, it enables quicker, data-driven decision-making, leading to enhanced safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. This technology opens doors to innovative solutions in numerous industries, providing a valuable tool for professionals seeking advanced analytics in thermal imaging, ultimately improving operations and processes in a variety of fields.

What We Do, What You Get

Our Machine Learning-Powered Business Solutions


Dataset Preparation

To provide individualised solutions for each client's particular digital presence, curate a variety of statistics to inspire creative web designs.


Real-World Problem Solving

applying practical expertise to real-world problems, coming up with workable solutions with an emphasis on observable, quantifiable effects, and results.


Analysis and Insights

Examine data to extract useful information or data that will provide profound insights for educated decision-making and strategic business progress.


Model Training

Iteratively tune algorithms with handpicked data to improve model accuracy and performance for optimal prediction skills and problem-solving expertise.


Collaborative to the core.

From brainstorming through execution, teamwork is at the heart of what we do, enabling creativity, innovation, and unity in the pursuit of common goals and milestones.

We have integrated with over 1000+ platforms

Our AI solutions are seamlessly integrated with an extensive network of over1000+ platforms, ensuring widespread accessibility and compatibility. This extensive reach empowers businesses across various industries to leverage the benefits of our AI technology, streamlining operations, and enhancing productivity on a global scale.

  • Fast integration
  • Inbuilt integration on our CMS’s
  • Easy visualisations
  • Fast delivery
  • Minimal resource requirement
  • Continues research

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