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Understanding the Importance of Static Website Design for Small Business

The importance of websites have been well realized by every business big or small in the modern world. Websites are the face of trade in the new era. Infact not just trade, websites have become a trend, a mode to promulgate about the establishment, setting up or existence of individual pursuit, venture or administration. The next question about confabulation is what type of website to build. For those who have the technical knowledge and understanding it is easy to make a choice. For the information of those who are not tech savvy, every business has its own objectives. Before choosing the type of website these business goals need to be considered. After understanding your business requirements one needs to choose which type of website will solve your purpose and exhibit your business in the best possible manner.

In this blog we will discuss about the most basic type of website that is static website design, that had lost its importance for a short period but has now revived itself and become more popular and preferred.

What is a Static Website Design?

Static websites have pages that are fixed in terms of content. They are created in HTML language and same content is displayed to every information every time. These are the most basic type of websites and fast and easy to create. There is no requisite of programming or database. Simply coded HTML static web pages can be published on a a web server. Since the content is fixed changes can be made only manually. This meant that the content creators, who are mostly non-technical, were unable to contribute to the website directly or effectively and needed the aid of a web developer to incorporate new content.

The best approach for corporations or individuals who just want to post basic details to the online world about themselves or their company is Static Web Design. Firms who have a fixed criteria to do business or who do not wish to change their policies very often or for a long time, static website is the most ideal option.

Advantages of Static Website

Static websites are cost-efficient and a great small business alternative as well. A static website would feel like an online brochure with structures and hyperlinks that will allow its prospective client to see different pages on the computer. In order to satisfy your current demands, a static website could be a great option. A variety of benefits associated with static websites are available. Several of them are:

Save your Time

The significant benefit of a static website is that it can be built very quickly. A professional web developer can create a static website much quicker than a website that is dynamic. Static websites can save more time in production for a startup company and the business can be available online.

Pocket Friendly

A static website has a comparatively lower development cost than a dynamic website. In static website creation, no external database handling system such as WordPress or Joomla is required. The pages are made up of physical files and served directly from the server. If you run a small company, then a static website might be the perfect option for an online presence.

Easy to Maintain

For static websites, there is no need for any maintenance service. An person is easy to handle. Without too many interactive elements and very few pieces of markup content, these websites can be loaded easily because they are simple in nature. Static websites have a few WebPages and a set format for each page, making them more suitable for startups and small businesses needing less web pages. The static website will be a free business website for maintenance.

Easy Functionality

To create the exact functionality that you want, you can have your own code created. You don't want the confines of a pre-programmed plug-in to work. You can change images to any size or shape that depends on the look you are searching for. You can easily do that if you prefer to add some sort of font to your website.

Easy to Navigate and Compatible with All Browsers

More user-friendly and very easy to access are static websites. Since the website consists of just a few pages, loading takes less time. It is also possible to migrate to a different framework without making any adjustments to the database. Simple designs without using any complex programming are important for static website design, including tiny websites as well as huge websites.

Assured Security

The most popular website security threats are SQL injection and cross site-scripting attack. But there is no database to hack with a static website and there is no server-side platform or CMS with an unpatched database.

Hire Professional Static Website Design Services

Indian website company is the best website design and development company in India. We will assist you build an online presence and let the popular mass know your goods and services. In addition to static website design and production services, we are specialists in providing services such as special dynamic website design services. We build a professional website that is easy to use, SEO-friendly, easy for promotions for business. In our Static Website Design Services and Creation, Get Creativity, Imagination and Innovation, Internet marketing in affordable packages.

It is very difficult to maintain a Static Website if website pages are longer than 5. It is also useful in the web to provide a consistent layout. If we put your business catalogue on the internet, for example, it would be called a static website. We have a strong static website design experience that includes a large number of template-designed pages, which helps to update multiple pages on the template.

Benefits to Hire Static Web Development Company

With the support of trained professionals who may come to the market through high experience, we promise to build your website. We have the experience to deliver services such as:

  • Designing amazing websites that are static

  • Build an easy-to-use professional website

  • Build SEO-friendly content for websites

  • Static website via operative promotion of business

  • We tend to have online solutions that are cost efficient.

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Static Web Design Packages in India or Static Web Design Cost in India

The static web design price in India start from only Rs 2999. You get a five page website design that is easy to navigate and free domain and hosting. A corporate static website costs Rs 4999. You get a professionally designed seven page website. A static website design that is also mobile friendly. Get creative static website design package at Rs 9999. You get 15 pages that are responsive with integrated social media and maps. For an extra creative design you have to pay the price of Rs 14999. 20 page website with extra live chat and whatsapp integration.

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