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Importance of Good Quality Images in a Website Design

With numerous websites on search engines, what is the most important aspect of a particular website that holds your attention the most?

Indeed the content is considered the king in website design in context of SEO, but is it content that draws your attention the most and keeps you engaged on a particular website?

There are two ways to analyze a website, either you read the content or look at the images. But considering the continually decreasing span of attention, it is images that play the most important role. Content is surely indispensable but its pictures catch our attention first. Images speak a thousand words and so it makes it easy to tell your story to your web visitors.

Also images can be easily shared through social media. When it comes to spreading the word about your organization on social media, a great picture plays an important role. Studies also found that there are higher engagement rates for social media posts with photos than for text only posts. Making it simple for tourists to share your content by adding buttons to post instantly will give your website photos the greatest social boost.

Images play a very important role in enhancing the user experience of your website. Most of the web visitors halt on visuals and that too of high quality images. This is the reason that images and videos have become a popular trend in website design. Infact images hold topmost preference as the slow internet connection may hinder the video or people may not have the time to watch the complete video. It is also not necessary that you have your earphones with you all the time to hear the sound and you are at a place where sound is not allowed.

High quality images make your visitors understand better and faster about the products and services your company is offering. Images provide credibility to your business and gives a nice appearance to your website making it look impressive. But you need to keep in mind certain points while using images in your website design.

Relevant and Straightforward Images

Your website images should be of high quality and relevant to your website. Also be straightforward. Indirect images might confuse your website visitors and might even frustrate them. For example, if the website is about home cleaning services then the images should be related to cleaning.

A family photo seems a bit pointless. Infographics, Cartoons or GIFs provide a lot of information in an interesting and effective manner.

SEO Optimized Images

Images play an important role search engine optimization. Using search-friendly metadata and captions to optimise your images. This helps to generate additional indexing material for search engines. This allows the website to achieve a double chance in both web search results and image searches. Keep in mind that your photos are sensitive and portable in the correct file size, so that your website loads on any computer easily.

If users are given pictures to look at, they may linger for a longer period of time on a site. Ensure that the image represents and corresponds to the content of the alt tags and titles you use. Not only does optimising your image make it easier to index your photos, but your entire website will benefit from the boost.

Images should Solve your Business Purpose

Both content and photos can improve the user experience on your site and can also lead to longer user visit times, giving you more time to sell your product. Your photos help to illustrate your facility and clarify the services of your company by offering easy-to-scan information. By getting more views on your blog, high-quality photos enable you to convert your online leads. Also it helps in increasing more traffic and higher rankings.

Use High Quality Images

Bad quality images fail to leave a good impression. On the other hand good quality images have a better and deeper impact. Especially in case of ecommerce websites, you require product images taken from every angle and images with zoom feature, so that it is convenient for the users to inspect the product in a detailed manner. Chances of your product success increases drastically with high quality and professional images.

Use Larger Images but do not overwhelm your website visitors

Larger images seem to be more effective, but make sure they don’t push more important, informative, or catchy content below the fold.

Also over use of images can spoil the look of your website and since images take longer to load it may effect your site speed increasing its bounce rate.

Background Images can Spoil the Look of your Site

Background photos are a perfect way to create a unique atmosphere on your site, or to give an instant understanding of what your site is about to your guests. Make sure you know exactly what effect on your guests you want your background picture to have. In your design, then incorporate it and test it to make sure that it has the desired effect. The thing about background photos is that, for instance, if there is no clear distinction between background and content, they can easily make your site look messy.

Images should not Look Like Ads

Something that you just want to stop is making pictures appear like banner advertising on your blog. People don't like commercials and have successfully learned to ignore them over the years. So when you place pictures in the form of a banner, either at the top of your site or on the side, it is possible that people will actually not see them. In this situation, you can not show them at all and keep the site clean, or you can change their shape and location to better incorporate them into your design.

Clickable Images Need to be Labeled

Using pictures instead of text for connections has become a normal thing. This is not a bad thing in general, since photographs have the ability to attract interest, and they are generally larger as well, making it easier to click them. You should not, however, forget to mark them. While good text links themselves are already informative, a lot of pictures of time are not self-explanatory and therefore need labeling to tell people where they are linked to.

Make sure your photographs are always chosen to be part of the design of your website. Your site would definitely be forgettable, dull, and text-heavy without them. We are a web design company that knows the position of images inside a website and how to use them on websites. Our design team takes all information about your website into account and process it in order to ensure consistency and successful image use. To learn more about our services, visit

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