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How to Write a Killer “About Us” Page

Often underestimated, an about us page can act as a final push to encourage your website visitors to finally call to discuss your project or in case of an ecommerce, to finally make a purchase. An about us page finally compensates with any information left unsaid or unmentioned on the home page, in order to fully satisfy the visitors quench for information if any left unsatisfied on the homepage. The about us, company profile or company description page provides a short story about how the business started, the set up story to inform the audiences about the establishment of the firm. This short yet true tale not just incorporates trust in the minds of the viewers but also connects them emotionally with the business, so make sure it is authentic. Your audiences are smart enough to determine the truth. A false story will not entertain your audiences and will also diminish their trust towards the company. This can have a bad impact on the company reputation.

Along with the written description, you can include glimpses, calls to action, contact information, testimonials and links yet again to add value to your about us page and as engaging as possible. There is no strict rule as to what all can be included in the about us page. You are free to be as creative, innovative and unique in your approach. Lets discuss on what all can be included on this page:

Something about the Staff

You might not find this important, but your audience is interested in knowing about your workforce. The number of people, their capabilities and even achievements. Along with this a photo adds to the reality. This was an example in case of small company. Incase of large companies group photos can be put up. Images of the groups during events, functions and meetings can also be updated.

Why Choose Us?

The about us page is the best place to give reasons as to why your audience should choose you over other companies in the same niche. Add value to your about us page. You can start with a punchline. Make sure to write something that would induce your audiences to atleast for once have a look at your offerings.

Another important thing is to make your customers realize that they somehow are in need of your products and services. Through various examples you can prove how your products and services are important for them. Once they understand your utility they will surely buy from you.

Decorate with Some Visuals

Images indeed are the most important element of your website due to many reasons:

  • it makes your site look attractive

  • engages your audiences

  • appeal more than the content

  • makes it easy for the web visitors to understand about your products or services More of the images are put up on the home page or landing page as it is the main page that helps form good impression about your company and makes the audiences decide whether they want to continue being on your site. But when you are successful in engaging your audiences through the home page, the next place they would like to visit is the about us page. So about us page should also have some images, such as company portraits or historical photos, but some of the work may also be presented or art created by type. Other graphics include the office space photos, staff communicating with customers, or anything that demonstrates what you're doing.

Call to Action

Once people have stopped by your About Us page, what do you want them to do? Don't just leave this to chance. There should be some type of call to action on every About Us page. Direct users to the sales page of your product, invite them to sign up for an email newsletter, as a contact point, send them a phone number to call or email address. But don't just leave hanging users.

Vision and Mission

By this time your web visitors have known you well and read through your journey and properly understood about your offerings. Now is the time to judge your determination and test your capability and credibility. Your vision exhibits your foresight and your mission tells about the ways you will adopt to reach or achieve your goals.

Contact Information

Your audiences would anytime need your personal details, be it to test your credibility or perhaps to call you if you are successful in converting them. So these details should be available throughout on all the pages of your website. The best place would be either on the static footer or header. Incase you do not have a contact us page, your about us page can have a map to discern your location in a better way.

The aim is to make users happy that it is easy to find and readily available information. Make sure that a phone number and email address are available.

Reviews or Awards

If you have already mentioned it on the home page, do not repeat it as it looks boastful and repetition lowers the utility of accolades. What is evident does not need an evidence? But if you have avoided the information on the homepage to avoid cluttering, then this important information can be positioned on the about us page.

Facts and Figures

This could be anything from your client retention rate to the amount of new products you offer each month to the number of awards you've collected. You can include infographics and even videos.

Analytics often shows the ABOUT US page as one of the most frequented on any website. Another best aspect of this page is that it does not require changes or frequent updates like other pages on the website as your company history is something that is permanent and does not require any changes. Web design company India possesses the expertise to strategically implement all the necessary details your about us page should have. The website design India knows where to use animation, how to blend the right colors and font and when to keep it simple an clear to effectively to put your message across. Call now to discus about your project and know about our affordable website design India packages.

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