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12 Essential Features Of an Effective E-commerce Website Design & Development

A good ecommerce website design and development should have all the necessary attributes to attract, impress and convert your audience into your customers. It should possess the magnetism that whosoever visits your website should not leave the site without making a purchase. It should provide a great user experience from start to the end of the customer journey so that the next time your customers require something they know where to go. There are innumerable ecommerce websites on search engines and numerous similar to your kind of product and services. Moreover you have a very short span of time to invite, impress and impel your users to buy from your site. Attract your online shoppers. Your time starts now.

Website designers incorporate websites with elements like animation, 360 degree product previews, dynamic product search, advanced filtering etc to engage customers but despite of all these aspects they fail to convince customers. This is because certain basic features are left unattended. Your website must be:

User Friendly

If your customers are finding it difficult to understand your ecommerce website or finding it complicated to search for their requirements then all your efforts and money will go in vain. It is good to work upon the aesthetics but not at the cost of losing simplicity or ease of use. The objective is to help shoppers get to what they want faster. Providing shopping categories, filters, enhanced yet ducksoup functionality and comparison capabilities.

Mobile Friendly

50% of ecommerce transactions are executed through mobile phone. Be it 50 products or 50000 if your website is not responsive or compatible with all devices it can annoy your users to bounce off your site immediately. You cannot afford to lose your customers. Your ecommerce website should have the competitive edge.

High Quality Photos and Video

Images and videos are of immense importance in ecommerce website design. Along with detailed product description your website should possess high defined images to entice the customers. Infact not just one, your users want to see products from different angles along with zoom in features for convenient analysis before they buy. Your images should also be well optimized. Images that don’t load or take too long to load will see a consumer drop-off rate of 39%, according to Adobe.


Shoppers read reviews on ecommerce websites. About 95% of them, in fact. And 57% of consumers will only use a business if it has 4 or more stars. Its okay even if you have some negative reviews. This ensures trust of the users that the product, company or reviews are not fake.

Related Products

This is an immensely successful feature of an online store. Related items not only mean other items in similar category, but also items corresponding to the item your customer is looking for. For instance, if your customer is searching for girl’s dresses and they get hairbands, girls bellies or other such accessories connected with it, they feel delighted that they are being understood and there are high chances that they shop the product along with related products. They get deeper into the site as there search is now enhanced. This increases time of customer engagement as well as sales. Related feature is advantageous in three ways:

  • It spurs excitement and curiosity
  • your customers get more options in a particular category that can increase their sopping list
  • More options also gives them a chance to compare and even continue sticking to your ecommerce site decreasing the bounce rate.

Related items can also include similar product categories to comparison shop, “people who bought this item also searched for”, and so on.

Common Queries or FAQ’s

It is very important that your customer is totally satisfied before making the buying decision. All his queries need to be well answered and sorted, so that there is no confusion left to cancel the purchase The more detailed information is provided from the side of the seller the more credibility is built from the users side as it proves the authenticity of the seller and the product. When the users gets detailed information from your ecommerce site itself they get satisfied and will not waste time seeking information about the product from other sources. This prompts confidence and fast purchasing decision.

Bonding Through Social Media

Creating a bond with the customers is not a new tradition. It was prevalent even when there was no internet or social media. The radio jingles and use of product of a particular brand by generations made a strong bond between sellers and users in earlier times. The change is that now the shift has been made to social media.

Brands and online sellers that interact on an emotional level with their customers build brand trust and advocacy. Social connections are undeniable and it is easier now than ever to communicate with an audience. Linking social profiles and user-generated content to an e-commerce website are must-have features that offer brand character to online sellers.

Shoppers are filled with a relentless "buy now" and "get this" surge. It is those brands that socially connect with clients that build clients for life. They deliver goods that benefit others and that individuals care about.

A Secure E-commerce Website

It is your foremost duty to provide your customers with a secure platform where they can come and make online transactions without any fear or botheration.

  • SSL certificate: Establishes secure user-to-website connectivity. Before you trust an online store with your details, look for HTTPS and a green lock in the address bar. Select a vendor with name recognition for an SSL certificate. Symantec is almost always used by enterprise e-commerce giants.
  • Two-factor authentication: Provides an additional security layer by requiring a username/password and a code created by the system to be sent via email or text.
  • Use a firewall: Provides a gateway or wall between two networks and allows for the blocking of malicious traffic and permitted traffic.

  • Connection to privacy policy in footer: Addresses the privacy policies of the website and promises that consumer information is not shared with third parties.

Payment Options

Your ecommerce website needs to be incorporated with almost all payment options to avoid clogging the buying decision. If certain option is not there, make sure to explain why.

Transparency With Shipping Charges and Detailed Information

The number one explanation for customer annoyance and shopping cart abandonment is alarmingly unexpected shipping costs. It is crucial that e-commerce websites provide shipping data early in the process of checkout, including a cost-showing ZIP code calculator. Including time for delivery and options for quicker delivery is also beneficial. Sites should list countries outside the usual zones for shipping.

Interestingly, when free shipping is included, shoppers spend 30 percent more per order. Be sure to present free shipping codes via the header navigation on all pages of the web, if applicable.

Contact Page

Nothing creates confidence more than an unnecessarily obvious and well-presented "contact us" feature when it comes to operating an e-commerce site where most business takes place online. This is particularly true when high-end goods or technical items are sold. Never make it impossible for a customer to get in touch or ask for help. Consider a feature of the website as the contact page. Include numerous forms of reaching out, including mobile, email, and an online form. Be sure to add social connections and Google maps for locations to customer support.

The aim is to wish your customers confidence that you are authentic and they can reach out to you whenever they wish to from one option or the other.

Return Policy

Return policies are a critical aspect of every website for e-commerce. It should be clearly evident and well-written or explained in your return policy. This is another aspect of online sale that creates trust. It reassures customers that the brand is there for them whether they are dissatisfied or just need a different size.

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