7 Qualities of a Good eCommerce Website Design

7 Qualities of a Good eCommerce Website Design

When your guests arrive, the very first thing they notice is the door of your house, which creates the first impression, your website does the same thing.


Making a website is no longer a difficult endeavor; in fact, it has gotten incredibly simple. Anyone with access to the Internet can choose from a huge selection of pre-made templates and themes.


These templates are so well-liked because they have already been through quality testing, which guarantees that if you choose to use one of them, it will be simple to use and understand.


In this post you can learn everything you need to know about the qualities of a Good eCommerce Website Design.


Keep it Simple and Easy

You must think like your audience if you want your e-commerce website design to resonate with them. In the end, there are only a few things your potential customers are looking for in an online buying experience—a website that is simple to use, attractive, and streamlines the purchase process.


And you had best provide those things if you want your online store to be successful.


Consider yourself your guest as you are designing. What kind of design will be the most straightforward for them to use? How can you set up your items such that the user can understand them? How can the checkout process be made simpler?


You can predict what your customers want from you when you think like them.


Eazy Navigation

Clunky product pages are the single fastest way to ruin a sale. Visitors will leave your website quickly and click their way directly to a competitor's if they have to navigate through ten different menus to find the item they're looking for.


Make it simple to navigate through your product categories and product pages. Make it simple for your customers to browse and filter your product selection by attributes like color, size, and product category.


Your clients will find what they're looking for and complete a transaction more easily if you make it easier for them to traverse your categories and pages.

Quality Images and Videos

Conversions can go up if you add video to your product pages.


Over 50% of consumers surveyed by Think With Google claimed that watching an online video influenced their choice of brand or product.


Retailers can add videos and photographs to their product pages on the majority of e-commerce platforms.


Make it Responsive

It's official: mobile now outpaces desktop as the preferred method of online browsing. Shopping is included in this.


We'll keep this brief: you need to make sure your website design is entirely responsive if you want to draw in customers who prefer to purchase on their phones or tablets. Otherwise, you risk failing to persuade these important mobile users that your website is the one where they should make a purchase.


Fast Loading Speed

A research found that if a web page takes longer than three seconds to load, 40% of visitors will leave. Additionally, if page loads take too long, 23% of users will quit buying or get up from their computer, and 14% will begin shopping at a different website.


There are several things you can do to maintain your page speed high, such as sticking with a simple design, compression to reduce file size, turning on browser caching, and using fewer plugins and redirects.


Eazy Checkout Process

A virtual shopping cart promotes effectiveness. Multiple goods can be stored and managed by customers, allowing for the totaling and payment of purchases in a single transaction. Customers may be diverted into cart abandonment, which means the sale is lost, though, if the website is poorly designed.


Customers being required to register their personal information before finishing is a frequent cause of desertion.


To prevent this, provide consumers with a "guest checkout" option or clearly outline the procedures so they understand where they are in the process. Additionally, make sure that all of the calls to action are very obvious.


SEO Optimized

Your eCommerce site needs to be SEO optimized to be successful, just like any other website. Why? Consequently, it will appear higher in search engine rankings. It's crucial to use the appropriate keywords in the proper places and to make sure your website is well-organized, user-friendly, and quick to load.


Many of the earlier qualities mentioned in this article will support your attempts. Additionally, starting a company blog will allow you to submit frequent, pertinent content, which will help your SEO.


Don't rush things, even though you might be eager to launch your eCommerce site. If you take the time to do it well, your business will benefit. Important: Make care to test each component first.


Automated Chat Bots

Nowadays, live chat, a specific type of client message technology, is used by practically all e-commerce websites. Live chats that are properly integrated typically enhance your customer service and boost your reputation.


Additionally, you'll have the opportunity to gain a much deeper understanding of your customers if you pay attention to the patterns and reasoning underlying the inquiries you receive through live chat. After that, you'll even be able to anticipate any future unanswered questions and be ready for them.


Customers should believe that you have the answers to all of their questions, in other words. Even more crucially, people must believe that you are always available to assist them in their time of need. Petco excels at this with their


Important Things to Consider When Building a Good eCommerce Website Design


Options for payment

When building an eCommerce website, adding every payment option can be too much, but merely providing one restricts your customer base to those who use that payment method.


According to the 2019 Payment Methods Report, 6% of customers would leave you because there weren't enough payment alternatives, even though unexpected shipping prices (55%) and a drawn-out checkout procedure (26%) are the main causes of shoppers quitting their shopping carts.


The most widely used payment options, according to Hostgator, are PayPal, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, American Express, Stripe, Square, Visa, Mastercard, and 2Checkout.


You might wish to investigate various solutions incorporating bitcoin as it continues to gain popularity depending on the kind of goods you're selling.


Social proof

Consider how you can obtain and show customer feedback since it is always beneficial for giving your website more credibility. Customers may have the ability to upload their video reviews and product photographs to the website, in addition to textual reviews and product unboxings.


Comprehensive contact us page

Inform your clients how they can get in touch with you. Add a thorough and current contact page to your website. If you have additional contact information for your customers, display it openly. For instance, you should inform customers immediately away if you are offering chat support. A store finder must be included in your e-commerce site if you own physical stores.



Designing an e-commerce website might be challenging, but now that you are aware of the top e-commerce web design ideas, you are equipped to create a website that not only looks fantastic but also converts like crazy.


So why are you still waiting? If you are searching for an ecommerce website design company in India Contact us today for secure and feature rich eCommerce website development services.

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